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CHEMRAWN in Bergen

Today, professor Leiv Sydnes and the Chemistry department host CHEMRAWN, the standing IUPAC committee for Chemical Research Applied to World Needs. The focus of their work may be illustrated by the topics of the past few conferences that they have organized: Solid urban waste management (Rome, 2016), Herbal medicine for heath care (Dhaka, 2015) and Renewable and sustainable energy from biological resources (Kuala Lumpur, 2011). We wish them a fruitful meeting and a pleasant stay in Bergen!160630_chemrown_2


, juni 30, 2016. Category: Møte.

Interesting lecture: The shape of Big Data

Volterra lecture by professor Gunnar Carlsson, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University

dln_VolterraLectureAbstract: There is a lot of discussion around «Big Data», which refers to the large and complex data sets currently being gathered about scientific, engineering, and commercial problems.  Although the size of the data is certainly a significant roadblock to the goal of obtaining useful information and knowledge from the data, the complexity of the data is often a more significant hurdle.  This means that there is a need for a new organizing principle and modeling mechanism, and it turns out that topology (the mathematical study of shape) can be used to provide such an organizing principle. The talk will discuss these ideas, with many examples involving life sciences data.

Flott mastermarkering

Takk til både masterstudentar og -rettleiarar samt administrasjonen på fleire nivå for ei flott og stilfull markering på fredag 10. juni. Vi ønskjer dei nybakte MSc-kandidatane lukke til framover!

Masterseremoni 2 kjemi og nano 10062016.JPG

HMS- og strategidag

160613_hmsdag_1Mandag 13. juni heldt Kjemisk institutt ein kombinert HMS- og strategidag på fiskebaren Von Tangen i Sandviken. Litt kummerlige konferansefasilitetar blei meir enn kompensert for av ein flott historisk atmosfære i den gamle fiskehandlerbua. Forsamlinga gav verdifulle bidrag til arbeidsmiljøet gjennom god og humørfyllt innsats i ulike gruppearbeid knytt til uformelle sosiale møteplassar, faglege møteplassar, analysar av kulturen på instituttet samt vurdering av tiltak for betre studiemiljø. Innimellom sjøbein og arbeid blei det også tid til å nyte sommarsol, sjøbris og gamal maritim teknologi!160613_hmsdag_2b

Masterseremoni for vårens ferske MSc

Foto: Magnus Svendsen Nerheim Opphavsrett: UiB

Foto: Magnus Svendsen Nerheim Opphavsrett: UiB

På førstkommende fredag (10. juni) kl. 14.00 – 17.00 juni feirer Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultetet sine masterkandidater med taler, sang og stand-up. Seremonien avholdes i Auditorium 1 i Realfagbygget og avsluttes med servering og underholdning i vrimlearealet i 1. etasje.

Bienvenue Douriya!


Douriya Khedaioui is a French student of Materials Science (4th year) graduated from an Engineering School at Polytech Paris-UPMC in Paris. Ms. Khedaioui has chosen to do a 3-month internship in Professor Jensen’s group, on transition-metal catalyzed CO2/epoxide copolymerization as part of the GreenCAT-project. Ms. Khedaioui has a strong background in organic and inorganic chemistry, polymers, and alloys, etc., and she is now eager to complement this with a focus on computational and theoretical chemistry. She is also enthusiastic about seeing more of the cultural and pretty Bergen!

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The FP7 MSC Innovative Training Network PET3D is hiring!

pet3dThe PET3D Marie-Slodowska-Curie ITN European Training Network is coming into action and is now hiring 10 PhD students, one of which will work out of Bergen witih our local representatives Hans-René Bjørsvik and Tom Christian Adamsen. Please see the ad for more information. The PET3D consortium has a vision to produce much needed translational researchers by providing cutting-edge training to the next generation of translational PET imaging scientists  and involves partners at 6 academic institutions, one big pharmaceutical company and one of the largest private imaging centres in Europe. The homepage of the PET3D network is here.